Winter Driving Tips in the Snow for Cadillac Owners

It’s nearing the end of the year, with temperatures dropping as we hurdle towards winter and – whether we like it or not – hazardous road conditions like snow and ice. Here’s some winter driving tips for staying safe in the slippery weather.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Improper inflation reduces traction, reduces fuel economy, and causes your tires to wear unevenly.

Make Sure Gas is Half Full

It may seem excessive to keep your needle above half-full at all times, but in situations where you’ll have to rev your engine to stay warm or get out of a ditch, gas is crucial.

Drive Defensively

This is good advice year-round, but exercising caution and looking out for your safety at all times on the road is important.

Pack an Emergency Kit

If you have a long commute or even a trip ahead of your for the holidays, consider packing an emergency kit with water bottles, nonperishable foods, blankets, gloves, hat, flashlights, and whatever else strikes you as useful if you’re trapped.

If Trapped, Run the Engine in Intervals

When you’re stuck you’ll want to save gas, so to stay warm, run your vehicle just long enough to take off the chill and then turn off your car until it gets cold again.

Follow these winter driving tips to stay warm and safe in the extreme cold and icy roads. Good luck!

winter driving tips

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