Will Cadillac create the next presidential limo?

Cadillac has entered a race for a new contract with the United States secret service in order to create the next presidential limo. Currently Cadillac, Lincoln, and Chrysler are the primary companies that are in competition for the new deal. Currently President Obama rides in a vehicle nicknamed “The Beast” which is based off of the Cadillac XTS model, and considering the extra protection there’s probably a little bit of tank thrown in too!

Chrysler is also in the running, which considering Obama has owned over 300 of them before he came into office, many believe is currently in the lead for the contract. But, there have only been a few presidents have preferred Chrysler models over other competitors. Lincoln has also thrown its hat in to the ring. Lincoln has provided the most limos over the years but currently it’s anyone’s game! Athough the finalized vehicle will most likely be built on a heavy duty truck chasis, we here at Crest Cadillac would love to see the new presidential limo sporting the Cadillac crest!

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