What Happens at an Auto Show, It’s More Than Just New Vehicle Debuts!

Debuts and Premiers.

Everyone knows that new vehicles tend to make their debuts and premiers at auto shows, but, beyond that, not many people know what goes on. As it turns out, an auto show has plenty of interesting things happening. Allow us here at Crest Cadillac to give you a taste of what happens at an auto show.

New cars are all the rage, and most major automakers show off the latest, all-new models at one of the big four auto shows: Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In addition to taking in the latest luxury models and sporty sedans, the auto shows also offer automakers the chance to show off their newest concept vehicles as well.


The concept vehicles tend to run well out of the price range of most drivers, often into seven-figure numbers. The goal is to get customer reactions and determine if such a vehicle is viable in the future.


Auto shows are the place where manufacturers can show off their latest technologies, new options, and the latest standard features. In addition to viewing and, in some cases, experiencing the latest the industry has to offer, visitors can win prizes, relax in lounges, and visit food courts.

While entering an auto show may cost a little money, it’s well worth it for those hunting for their next new vehicle. Don’t forget to stop by Crest Cadillac to check out the latest and greatest new 2017 and 2018 models.

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