University of Chicago Offers $1 million in Effort to Stop Youth Violence

There’s a killer in Chicago. It’s preventable, treatable, and takes the lives of more young African-American males than the top nine leading causes of death. The University of Chicago Crime Lab teamed up with the MacArthur foundation to find a cure to youth violence.

The partnership offered $1 million for the best idea(s) to stem the violence. Such a complex issues requires complex, imaginative solutions and that’s exactly what the organizers were looking for. The overall goal is to improve the quality of life in Chicago – on the streets, schools, and parks.

“We really need to have a variety of approaches that meet different sets of needs,” executive director of the University Crime Lab Roseanna Ander said. “No one of them is going to be the slam-dunk, but hopefully, collectively, there will be a portfolio of strategies that can help make the quantum leap we need to make, not just in Chicago but in lots of other cities that are struggling mightily with this problem.”

Plans focused on Chicago youths ranging from the ages of 13 to 18. The ultimate objective for the MacArthur Foundation is to apply programs in Chicago elsewhere if they’re successful. Applications were due March 2nd. After that, a small number of applicants were asked to draw up full proposals. Awards will be announced in late May 2015.

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