Two New Cadillac Crossovers in the Works

China is fast becoming one of the largest automotive markets in the world. With that in mind, automakers pay the ever-growing country a lot of attention, which is why two new Cadillac crossovers are in the works for the luxury brand.

In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Cadillac chief marketing officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, discussed Cadillac’s future plans, “The two body styles that are really driving the luxury market in China are sedans and SUVs—and nothing else. That implies that our aspirations are not limited to SRX and Escalade on the SUV side. We are discussing further SUV derivatives for Cadillac.”

Those “further SUV derivatives” will include a three-row crossover and a compact crossover. The larger of the two will likely be based on Cadillac’s new rear-wheel-drive Omega platform, which it will be using in the new, large flagship sedan. Incorporating it into a more volume-oriented model like a large crossover will help GM defray the costs of the new platform.

While these new crossovers may be inspired by the Chinese market, we don’t expect them to be limited to that region. We’ll keep our ears open for any further updates.

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