The Donald Trump Cadillac Limos

We’re not being political on this blog and never will be, we just wanted to share with all our customers and incredible story about two Donald Trump Cadillac limos tied to the then business-icon, now Republican presidential nominee front-runner for 2016. To begin the story we need to go back to 1987 when Trump was living in the limelight for his best-seller The Art of the Deal. In that book he wrote about working with Cadillac to design two tiers of Limousines that he would lend the Trump name / brand to.

According to the book, there was to be the Trump Golden Series, which he himself called, “the most opulent stretch limousine made” as well as the only slightly less impressive Trump Executive Series. The plan for these limos was to more or less make them the best in the world, with no competition to speak of. Trump planned to use them for hos own personal transportation as well as the transportation of VIP guests at his hotels and casinos. As we mentioned these Donald Trump limos were supposed to be the best in the world so to quote John Hammond in Jurassic Park they sparred no expense.

Trump Cadillac Limos

According to Jalopnik “These limos had rosewood interiors and were equipped with a fax machine, TV and VCR (so you could tape Dynasty and watch it at your leisure), a paper shredder, writing desks, a pair of early NEC cell phones, and a cabinet with glasses and… a Pub liquor dispensing system.”

See actual photos of the Cadillac in the Jalopnik article or at For all your non Trump Cadillac Limos needs though, come see us here at Heritage Cadillac and we’ll get you something stylish, sophisticated and fit for an executive, just with less gold.

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