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Cadillac Finishes the Year with Excellent Sales

With Cadillac winning awards like the ELR’s EyesOn Design award for best production car at NAIAS 2013, AutoPacific’s highest overall satisfaction rating for the SRX, and the sweep of car of the year awards won by the 2014 CTS, we at Crest Cadillac knew 2013 was a good year. Now, we have the numbers to… (read more)

Cadillac Brand Reaps Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements

Cadillac has been revamping the brand’s image to appeal to younger consumers by reinforcing the idea of Cadillac as a symbol of status. Recent pop songs and celebrity owners have helped re-establish the brand’s popularity. New Zealand teenage pop star, Lorde, sings about “driving Cadillacs in our dreams” in her hit song “Royals”; while hip… (read more)

Lights of Love Shine at the Elm Grove Public Library

We’re sure you’ve noticed Christmas season is in full swing. While it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and presents, some of our local neighbors are taking the time to give back to the Elm Grove Public Library. For 19 years, the Friends of the Elm Grove… (read more)

Driving Safely Through the Snow and Ice

Winter weather is beginning to fall and travelers across the country are checking weather reports for a hint of what to expect as they travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We thought now would be a good time to offer our tips on driving safely through the snow and ice. Exercise caution. This applies before… (read more)

Warming Your Car This Winter

How long should you let your car warm up before driving in those cold, winter months? It’s an age-old question, but we have a present-day answer for you here at Crest Cadillac. In the past, you’ve probably been advised to let your car idle for a few (or more) minutes in order for the engine… (read more)

Cadillac CUE Design Inspired by Customer Input

If you’ve used the Cadillac CUE system, you know just how sleek, smooth, and user-friendly it is. And if you like it, well, you can thank Cadillac’s loyal customers. Designers and engineers worked for years to find the best way to create the system. According to Cadillac, they wanted to be sure it was the… (read more)

New Corvette won’t bring new Cadillac XLR

When it comes to muscle and luxury, everyone knows that Cadillac faces some stiff competition from Chevy when it comes to their corvette line up. Although they both sit comfortably under the GM umbrella, we here at Crest Cadillac feel there’s no harm in a little friendly competition. But with the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray,… (read more)

Next-gen Cadillac Escalade to be unveiled!

If you were to walk down the street and ask ten random people, which vehicle comes to mind when you say the word “Cadillac”, the majority (with a small twinkle in their eye like a kid seeing his first birthday gift) will say the Escalade!  We don’t blame them, even though we here at Crest… (read more)

Will Cadillac create the next presidential limo?

Cadillac has entered a race for a new contract with the United States secret service in order to create the next presidential limo. Currently Cadillac, Lincoln, and Chrysler are the primary companies that are in competition for the new deal. Currently President Obama rides in a vehicle nicknamed “The Beast” which is based off of… (read more)