Strange and Odd Driving Laws from Around the World

Ever wondered what traffic laws are like around the world? Are they better or worse than what we have here? As it turns out, some of them are wild and yet others seem like a brilliant idea. Here are some odd driving laws from around the world:

driving laws from around the world


The land that brought you Don Quixote and churros insists that you are able to see when operating a motor vehicle. It’s the law that if you are required to wear spectacles while driving, you must keep a spare pair with you at all times.



In this gorgeous island getaway close to Greece, you better keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. If you make a move to make a rude gesture or merely take your hands off the wheel, you will get a ticket.


Costa Rica

Drinking and driving, per se, isn’t a problem in Costa Rica. You are free to sip on your beverage of choice while operating a motor vehicle. Be careful you don’t overdo it, though. Being drunk while driving is indeed illegal.



Some people buy a car and just kind of let it go, washing it every year or so. If you lived in Russia, you might have more of an incentive. You can get fined up to $60 for driving a dirty car.

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