How to Replace a Blinker Bulb

When the time comes to take a turn in the road, a blinker, also known as a turn signal bulb, is a useful tool not only for you, but also for the drivers around you. Therefore, if you have a blinker bulb that isn’t lighting up, the consequences can be serious. That’s why the service team here at Crest Cadillac has created a guide on how to replace a blinker bulb.

Knowing when your blinker is not lighting up is not an easy task, as it is always somewhere you can’t see from the driver’s seat. Therefore, you should routinely check if your blinker is properly working before setting out on the road.

If you do notice a problem with your turn signal bulb, then you will need to find a similar replacement bulb at the store.

Getting to the blinker bulb can often be the most difficult part of replacing it. Most blinker bulbs can be reached after removing the exterior cover from your back lights. If the blinker bulb cannot be accessed this way, then it is probably accessed through the vehicle’s trunk.

To replace the bulb, simply turn it left and remove it. Place the new bulb in by turning it right, place all the necessary frames and covers back in place, and test the blinker to make sure that it is now properly working.

Once you replace a malfunctioning blinker bulb, both you and the drivers behind you will be a lot happier!

Replace a blinker bulb

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