Reasons to Upgrade from Toyota or Honda to Cadillac

While Toyota and Honda offer benefits to their customers, they just can’t stand up to the perks that Cadillac customers receive. These are a few reasons why you need to upgrade from Toyota or Honda to Cadillac.

My Cadillac Rewards.

Get rewarded for owning your Cadillac simply by signing up for My Cadillac Rewards. This program allows you to redeem points you have earned over the year on a vast array of Cadillac products and services, including free access to OnStar® and a discount on a new vehicle purchase.

Hassle-Free Driving.

Technology has come a long way in the past decade and Cadillac is one of the brands leading the way in this field. This couldn’t be more obvious than with the available Cadillac Super Cruise technology. As the first true hands-free driving-assistance feature for highway driving, this tech will take you into the future while keeping you safe.

Premium Care Maintenance.

Cadillac is synonymous with premium luxury, which is why you should expect nothing less, even from its maintenance plans. By switching to Cadillac, you will have access to meticulously trained technicians, a vehicle care program designed specifically for your Cadillac, and the ability to pre-pay for your vehicle’s routine check-ups for quick, hassle-free service visits.

Learn more about the perks and conveniences of driving a Cadillac — talk to the experts at Crest Cadillac.

Upgrade from Toyota or Honda to Cadillac

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