Publicis Worldwide Is Cadillac’s New Ad Agency

Over the past year, Cadillac has been making a lot of changes—a new president, a new headquarters, and now a new creative agency. Cadillac’s new ad agency is Publicis Worldwide and it will help shape the future of the Cadillac brand.

“This appointment is designed to accelerate the global expansion and elevation of Cadillac into a truly global luxury brand,” said Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus, in a statement. “We have spent much of this year refocusing on the core values of our brand. Adding Publicis Worldwide to our team —with its undisputed expertise in luxury brand building — will further our progress globally.”

Cadillac says the change is effective immediately and we should begin seeing new marketing work early next year.

Cadillac’s new ad agency

Publicis will have some exciting new Cadillac’s to work with based of the El Miraj concept shown here.

Here at Crest Cadillac, we are excited by all these changes. We think with a new president, a change of scenery for some executives, and a new ad agency, Cadillac will be able to do move in bigger and better directions, while continuing to produce the best luxury cars in the world.

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