How to Protect Your Car from the Elements.

Protect Your Car from the Elements | Brookfield, WI

Winter Elements

The winter season is nearly upon us, which means now is a great time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh cold and conditions to come. Road salt, ice, and freezing temperatures can present a major problem for unprepared drivers. Here are several ways to protect your car from the elements.

Wash & Wax.

The first step to protecting your car from the elements is giving it a good wash when possible. Road salt, dirt, and other grime can build up over the winter season. If left unwashed, the debris could cause your vehicle to rust or the paint to fade. Waxing your vehicle can help extend the life of your vehicle’s paint, too.

Routine Maintenance.

Keeping up with routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, will ensure that your vehicle continues to run at peak performance all winter long. Even when the cold weather and snow hit hard, your vehicle will start up without a hitch. Plus, a professional technician will have the chance to spot any potential problems before they become a drain on your wallet.

Tire Care.

Proper tire care is a necessity to handling slick roadways. Ice can present a significant problem to tires that lack tread. A lack of traction and improper tire pressure will ultimately lead to disaster. Fortunately, checking the tire pressure and tread weekly can help drivers stay prepared for what lies on the road ahead.

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