Adventures in Your Cadillac: Visit the Best Pizza Places in Wisconsin.

Visit the Best Pizza Places in Wisconsin | Brookfield, WI

There’s nothing like delicious pizza to soothe the soul — but what pizzerias are considered the best pizza places in Wisconsin? To help you explore our great state, we’ve gone ahead and put together a short list of the pizza places you should visit in your Cadillac.

Frankie’s Pizza in Ashland and Hayward.

When it first opened in Ashland in 1953, Frankie’s Pizza was a small standing-room-only pizza joint that offered simple, yet delicious pizza that kept people coming back from more. Now, Frankie’s continues this tradition with its specialty pizzas, including a taco pizza that is topped with tortilla chips. This would be the perfect destination if you’re looking to drive far in your Cadillac since it’s about five and a half hours away from Brookfield.

Cranky Pat’s in Neenah, Oshkosh, and Green Bay.

Craving thin crust? Then Cranky Pat’s is the place to go. This neighborhood pizzeria has been around since 1955 and uses fresh ingredients and an old-school Faulds oven to give you the perfect crispy crust you need. It will only take you an hour and a half to the Neenah location, a little over an hour to the Oshkosh location, and two hours to the Green Bay location, making it a great destination to have in mind for your next road trip.

Wells Brothers Pizza in Racine.

This pizzeria is well-known for its delicious pizzas. In fact, it’s not only known as one of the best pizza places in Wisconsin but one of the best in the United States. With these kinds of awards, you can only bet that it’s well worth jumping in your Cadillac for the hour-long drive to this pizza restaurant.

Contact us at Crest Cadillac if you need more suggestions on where to dine in Wisconsin. We’ll be happy to recommend our favorites.

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