New Corvette won’t bring new Cadillac XLR

When it comes to muscle and luxury, everyone knows that Cadillac faces some stiff competition from Chevy when it comes to their corvette line up. Although they both sit comfortably under the GM umbrella, we here at Crest Cadillac feel there’s no harm in a little friendly competition. But with the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray, and the new Cadillac Elmiraj Concept rolling out at the Pebble Beach event, many experts were expecting Cadillac to announce a new (or at least some big changes) Cadillac XLR. Unfortunately, word down the grape vine is no.

During a C7 Corvette discussion, Fox News asked Chief Engineer (Tadge Juechter) if a new Cadillac XLR would be built off the C7 model; and he said no. Juechter stated that this CY model was designed and produced soley for the Corvette consumer, and GM has “no intent” on transforming the car in a Cadillac product. But don’t lose hope! This isn’t the first time the Cadillac XLR idea has hit a road bump or seemed to be fading away, but it always seems to work its way back into conversation! But, many believe the Corvette/Cadillac experiment won’t happen again, that doesn’t mean the Cadillac XLR won’t be designed as a new model all together!

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