New Cadillac Convertible Editions are on the Horizon

Cadillac Convertible Editions

If you love the feel of your hair blowing in the wind while you’re driving, we here at Crest Cadillac may have some good news for you: Cadillac is considering making some new convertibles. While these models might not be seen for a little while, Cadillac has already shared images of prospective concepts.

According to Auto News, a Cadillac spokesperson commented, “[Cadillac would] like to introduce an open car to the portfolio at some point, but it’s not likely to be one of the near-term portfolio additions.”

Although we might not see these new Cadillac convertible editions this season, they will most likely be built on the CTS and ATS platforms. In fact, Mark Reuss, previous-CEO of GM, said the engineering for the convertible ATS is “pretty much designed” already, but that the decision to use it had been put on hold.

So, what does this mean for drivers? Not much at present, but in the future this could mean drivers will see the some of the first convertible Cadillacs in a long time. The sporty new style could draw an entire new group of drivers to one of the top luxury automakers in the world.

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