Music City Brewer’s Fest

If you’re looking for a summer road trip, we strongly suggest loading up the Cadillac and heading down to Nashville, TN for the Music City Brewer’s Fest, which will take place this Saturday, July 25 at the Walk of Fame Park in Nashville. The Brewer’s Fest features a variety of beer vendors, food options, and live music all day.

The festival will be split into two sessions, the first from noon to 4pm and the second from 4pm to 8pm. Pre-order tickets cost $39 for the first session and $59 for the second session. Tasting at all breweries present at the festival is included in the ticket price.

Here’s a look at everything you might have missed last year!

This year marks the fourteenth year the Brewer’s Fest has taken place in Nashville. Over forty breweries at the local, national, and international levels will be selling beer at the festival, many of which are not normally available in the Nashville area. Several local and chain restaurants are sponsoring the event and will have food trucks onsite.

The musical entertainment will include musicians such as opening act Roots of Rebellion, the Get Right Band, DJ Ko, and several others. With that lineup, it’s no wonder that Music City Brewer’s Fest is such a hit!

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