Maximize Space in Your Cadillac With These Accessories

Cadillac offers luxurious models with spacious cabins that are fit to meet your driving needs. Nevertheless, if you want to fully maximize space in your Cadillac, consider adding these accessories, which can help you keep your vehicle’s interior organized.

Vertical cargo net.

If you have loose items in the cargo area, you can help prevent them from moving during drives when you opt for the vertical cargo net. This durable net can keep a variety of items in place, and you can stow the net in an integrated storage bag when it’s not being put to use.

Cargo organizer.

In your Cadillac vehicle’s trunk, you can add a cargo organizer to hold items of varying sizes. The dividers allow you to neatly separate your items, while tie-down rings help keep the organizer in place. When you’re not utilizing the accessory, you can easily fold and store it for later use.

Watersport kayak carrier.

The roof-mounted watersport kayak carrier by Thule allows you to easily transport two kayaks to your weekend destinations. The accessory protects your kayaks and frees up room in your vehicle for other items. There are also carriers available for your canoe, skis and bicycles.

Each of these accessories makes it easier to organize your luggage, sports equipment and groceries in your vehicle. Give us a call at Crest Cadillac in Brookfield, Wisconsin, to learn more about the accessories offered for your Cadillac.

maximize space in your Cadillac

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