Hot Tub Cadillac Eldorado Up for Auction

Apparently, both the state of Texas and the country of Australia love to do things BIG! On February 17 in Australia, a truly one-of-a-kind 1977 Cadillac Eldorado will cross the auction block at Shannons.

On its own, an Eldorado can turn heads with its long profile. But, give it eight wheels and a hot tub, and you’ll never go unnoticed again.

According to the auctioneer website, this Texas-plated Cadillac made its way to the Land Down Under in the ‘80s or ‘90s where it started to get its extreme modifications. The first owner added Holden One Tonner tandem axles to give it eight wheels and added new stretched body panels.

The Eldorado then made its way to a second Australian owner in 1999 who added even more extensive changes. In the space between the rear window and trunk, why not add a two-person hot tub? And all that extra space between the radiator and engine is perfect for a propane grill. It also got an in-dash television, a CCTV camera, a whiskey bar in the trunk, six exhaust pipes, a train horn, and strobe lighting to complete the party.

Shannons says it has kept its Texas plates because the modifications made it unlicenseable in Australia. If you’re feeling the need for the ultimate party Cadillac, this 1977 beauty is expected to sell for a bargain, between $21,500 and $28,500. Better book your ticket to Australia.

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