Drive Your New Cadillac to These Great Hiking Spots in Wisconsin

great hiking spots in Wisconsin | Brookfield, WI

Great hiking spots in Wisconsin.

Now that we are in the thick of summer, the weather in Wisconsin is perfect for outdoor activities. This means it is time to hop in your new Cadillac and try out some of these great hiking spots in Wisconsin.

  • Manitowoc. Located about an hour and a half north of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan is the beautiful Manitowoc. The Mariner’s Trail follows the coast up to Two Rivers. Along with this route, you can find Neshotah Park, Woodland Dunes State Natural Area, and Point Beach State Forest.
  • Bailey’s Harbor. Bailey’s Harbor is one of the most breathtaking spots along the Door County peninsula thanks to its proximity to Point County Park. In this area, you can also find Newport State Park and Mud Lake State Wildlife Area.
  • Fond du Lac. This small town is located on the southern tip of Lake Winnebago and features plenty of hiking areas. Take a short drive to walk through Horicon Marsh, Sheboygan Marsh, or Elkhart Lake.
  • Baraboo. Perhaps one of the best hiking towns in Wisconsin is Baraboo, home to a number of beautiful areas including the popular Devil’s Lake. You can also explore Pine Island State Wildlife Area and the Dells of the Wisconsin River.


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