Global Cadillac Sales Grow 5 Percent Year Over Year

Global Cadillac sales

Global Cadillac sales have grown five percent on a year-over-year basis compared to 2013, with the automaker selling an impressive 263,697 vehicles around the world.

Sales downright exploded in China, where the Cadillac brand grew 47 percent thanks to the growth of the ATS and XTS sedans. The former sold 13,276 units while the latter was up 59 percent year-over-year to 32,559 units, helping Cadillac to sell 73,000 vehicles in the world’s most populated country.

Cadillac sales also grew 10 percent in Canada with a little help from the SRX crossover and, once again, the ATS sports sedan. Other countries featured extreme growth rates, such as South Korea (up 118%) and Israel (up 73%).

Back home, Cadillac’s average transaction price edged out BMW and Lexus by climbing up to more than $47,000. The ever-popular ATS also made its mark, as 74 percent of its buyers were new to Cadillac. Odds are, they said goodbye to another luxury brand and decided Cadillac had something better to offer. Check for yourself at Crest Cadillac!

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