Get Ready for Amazon Alexa Support on Your Cadillac

There’s nothing better than getting updates on something you already own. For Cadillac owners of 2018 model year or newer vehicles, a new software update to the infotainment system is sure to please.

Alexa on board

Said to be one of the biggest roll-outs of Alexa Auto in the history of the digital assistant, Cadillac owners will have access to Amazon’s Alexa in the first half of 2020.

Alexa is already known to be a convenient and knowledgeable digital assistant from Amazon’s home devices, but with Alexa along for the ride in your Cadillac, you’ll be able to check news reports, ask for navigation to restaurants, gas stations, or shops, find out the weather forecasts, and ask for a song all from simple voice commands. Alexa will also be compatible with OnStar® Turn-by-Turn navigation as well as other GM systems, and you’ll be able to manage your home smart devices right from the vehicle.

The Future

“GM’s updateable app framework and vehicle connectivity lets us provide customers with new technologies that enhance the ownership experience, even to customers with vehicles that are already on the road,” said Santiago Chamorro, the vice president of Global Connected Services at GM.

It’s enhancements like these, as well as the new Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service, that make GM vehicles a cut above the rest. More is to come, including in-vehicle voice capabilities from Google starting in 2021. Looking for a vehicle with the latest technologies? Check out our inventory at Crest Cadillac.

Amazon Alexa Support on Cadillac

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