How to Get Your Car Unstuck from Sand or Mud

If you live near a beach or the dessert, you may end up stuck in sand at some point. People who live in rainy climates also have to be weary of getting stuck in mud year-round. If you have one of these worries, don’t fear—we have some tips that will help you get your car unstuck from sand or mud.

Don’t gun the engine when you find yourself stuck. This will just spin your wheels deeper into the mud or sand. What you should do instead is put your car on the lowest gear if you have an automatic transmission or a high gear like first or second in a manual transmission. Then very gently accelerate. If you start to move a little, press the pedal a little harder. This may be enough to get you unstuck.

If you don’t move, though, you may be in too deep to pull straight out. Instead try the gentle acceleration again, but stop and let yourself fall back into where you’re stuck, then accelerate again. This will create a rocking motion that will eventually help you get over the hump where your wheels are stuck.

If this doesn’t work either, get a shovel or whatever tool is on hand and dig out the sand or mud surrounding your tires, creating a flat area that you should be able to drive off of. If you still can’t get out, it’s time to call a tow truck.

get your car unstuck

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