Cadillac Lineup Doubling in Coming Years

Cadillac recently announced that it plans on doubling its global lineup in the next three years, which means all-new luxury automobiles here at Crest Cadillac. The first new Caddy was revealed last month at the 2013 North American International Auto Show: the 2014 ELR. If all the new models will be as promising as the ELR, then we can’t wait to see what other great additions Cadillac comes up with. More models will be on display this week during the 2013 Chicago Auto Show with a few 2014 debuts as well.

Much of Cadillac’s plans are still in the dark, but we at Crest Cadillac do know that the family cars and crossovers will grow to ten models by 2016. At least one of those family cars and one of those crossovers will also include a flagship model. As the next three years unfold, we’ll get a much better idea of just what these cars will look like—but they’re Cadillacs, so we already know they’ll be beautiful.

Keep checking back in with us here at Crest Cadillac for updates on the latest additions to the Cadillac lineup, and comment below exactly what you want to see for the newest Cadillac models!

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