Don’t Skip These Driving Safety Tips for the Fall

Fall Road

There’s a lot to be excited about now that fall is really getting going. Beautiful fall colors, that inexplicably autumn-like smell in the air, and fall events for you and the family are just a few of the great things about this season. But, there are also some fall driving concerns that come up this time of year. Here are some solid driving safety tips for the fall to keep the whole crew happy this season:

Always bring a pair of sunglasses. During the fall, the sun sits lower in the sky, which means it has a good look in through your windshield. Make sure you’re ready with eye protection, especially around sunrise and sunset.

Get new wiper blades. Fall is a wet season, especially with the heavy threats of hurricanes of the Atlantic. Old wiper blades can make an already hairy driving situation even hairier – not to mention blurrier. Keep your visibility tip-top with a new set of wiper blades.

Check tire pressure. With the shifting temperatures and weather patterns, your tire pressure can fluctuate more than normal. Make sure to keep an eye on those tires and protect yourself and your passengers from low tire pressure incidents while on the road.

These driving safety tips for the fall will set you off on the right track, but always remember to pay attention to the road (and not the pretty leaves all around you).

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