Keep Your Car Spiffy and Sophisticated with DIY Interior Car Care.

DIY Car Care | Crest Cadillac | Broofield, WI

Along with having routine maintenance performed on your car, the best way to keep your car in tip-top shape is to adopt some DIY car care practices. This is particularly important in terms of the interior of your car and if you own a luxury vehicle. From cleaning the floors to the upholstery or leather, you’ll have your car looking and feeling like new in no time with these interior car care recommendations.

Care for Upholstery.

If you have leather upholstery in your vehicle, you should buy a leather-cleaning and repair kit and keep it in your vehicle. Stains can set very quickly, so you will want to clean up accidents and spills as soon as possible. In addition, the leather-cleaning and repair kit will keep your seats looking great in general and maintained for the long run. It’ll also allow you how to fix any unfortunate tears in your seats.

Alternatively, if you have cloth seats, cleaning them with a carpet cleaning machine works wonders. If you have vinyl or plastic within your car — such as on the backs of your seats — you can use protectant and colorant to recondition and make the materials look brand-new.

Care for Carpet.

The best way to care for the floor of your car is to use a carpet cleaning machine to remove set-in dirt and debris. A preventative measure to take so you won’t have to replace the car’s carpet down the line is to invest in all-weather, sturdy floor mats. These will protect your car’s carpet and are easily cleanable.

Finishing Touches.

If you regularly and thoroughly clean your windows and dashboard, your car’s interior will always look bright and new. Wipe down the dashboard and surfaces of your car with easy cleaning wipes, brush out the air vents, and add your favorite air freshener as a nice finishing touch

For any other interior car care, you don’t think you can handle on your own, talk to our dedicated service team at Crest Cadillac.

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