Common Teen Driving Distractions

There are many skills you need to teach your teen when they are first learning to drive, such as how to handle locking up the brakes, how to drive in the rain, and how to proceed through intersections. Perhaps the most important topic to talk to them about, though, is common teen driving distractions.

common teen driving distractions

For teens in particular, texting isn’t the only major distraction teens face. There are a lot of other activities or behaviors that can be distracting. Psychology Today, following a study from the University Of North Carolina, claims “loud conversations and passengers fooling around were more likely than Smartphone use to result in a dangerous accident involving teen drivers.” Talk to your teen about how his or her passengers need to behave in the car.

Other distractions include loud music and texting. A person can only safely look away from the road for two seconds. When people send a text message, they look away for an average of five seconds. Explain to your teen that the two-second limit means that it is never safe to send a text while driving.

Distracted driving is a serious issue facing everyone, not just teens. According to the Huffington Post, everyday nine Americans die from distracted driving, like talking on a cell phone, texting, or eating.

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