Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror Wins “Best of What’s New” Award

In the future, our cars may no longer have rearview mirrors; instead, they’ll have displays hooked up to a camera pointed at whatever’s behind the car. And in the future, we’ll remember that it all started with Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror technology, which has been named a 2015 Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award winner.

Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror

There’s good reason for making the traditional rearview mirror obsolete. First, it’s annoying to use. We constantly have to adjust and readjust it as soon as we shift around in our seat. Second, the view can be obstructed by passengers, cargo, or even headrests and the architecture of the car—which means they limit the way we can design them.

Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror improves the field of vision by about 300%, removes all of those obstructions, features reduced glare, and makes it easier to see at night. It’s also been treated with hydrophobic coating to keep it clean no matter the conditions.

The technology will be available soon in the Cadillac CT6 and XT5 at Crest Cadillac!

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