Cadillac’s ‘Onboard Weather Station’ Deliver Peak Engine Performance

Cadillac has built its reputation on styling and performance and now it is borrowing a technique from meteorologists to enhance the latter.  Cadillac’s new Twin-Turbo V6 engine utilizes an “onboard weather station” in order o maximize engine output.

The revolutionary system employs a set of sensors in order to constantly monitor air pressure, intake humidity and throttle intake temperature.  That information is continuously being sent to the engine’s wastegate and compressor bypass control system to optimize engine efficiency.

“Just as a meteorologist uses high-tech sensors to detect barometric pressure, humidity, air flow and temperature, our system can detect these conditions and modify engine performance and efficiency accordingly,” said Richard Bartlett, assistant chief engineer of General Motors’ twin-turbo engine, in a press release.

“In the same way the tools for meteorology have become more precise over the years, so have the technologies for monitoring engine operation.”

During a joyride, it is not uncommon for the compressed air temperature to exceed 265 degree Fahrenheit.  The onboard weather system is able to respond and reduce the temperature by more than 130 degrees, which heightens air density, resulting in bolstered performance.

To learn more about Cadillac’s onboard weather station, visit us today at Crest Cadillac!

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