Cadillac’s Cut-and-Sew Interiors Bring Together Art and Science

Cadillac is the only automaker that employs a “Cut-and-Sew” method of constructing the materials in every single one of its cars. The Cut-and-Sew method uses a unique combination of high-tech equipment and handcraftsmanship.

“Put simply, Cut-and-Sew is people sitting behind sewing machines and sewing the material together,” said Eric Clough, director of design, Cadillac interiors in a recent news release. “We use Cut-and-Sew in Cadillacs because it is distinctive and a very premium process.”

A scrap-reducing computer “nests” the patterns, three-dimensional computer mapping determines the best way to fit materials, and a laser cuts necessary perforations. The pieces are then transferred to appropriate stations, where employees hand-inspect each piece of material and hand-stitch them together, including decorative stitching as necessary.  The material is also installed into the car by hand.

“Cut-and-Sew shows a level of craftsmanship and a level of care taken in creating a product,” said Erin Crossley, design manager, Cadillac color and trim. “It gives something for the customer to connect with. You see the same kind of material detailing in other items luxury consumers value, like high-end furniture and leather handbags.”

Many other luxury automakers use this same technique for their high-end models, but none of them use it for their entire lineup the way Cadillac does.

“There are other mass-produced processes that are less expensive, more efficient and don’t require as many people, but when you see the real thing you know that it’s genuine,” Clough said.

Stop by Crest Cadillac today to see the real deal for yourself – you just can’t fake genuine handcraftsmanship.

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