Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Luxury Brand Showdown

Cadillac and Lincoln are America’s most prominent luxury auto brands, but which one should you go with for your next upscale vehicle purchase? At Crest Cadillac, we’re biased about a Cadillac vs. Lincoln matchup — but with good reason! Here are just a few of the ways Cadillac sets itself apart from the competition.

Superior craftsmanship and style.

With their boldly premium looks, Cadillac vehicles have always been instantly recognizable both inside and out — much more so than Lincoln’s products. Cadillac exteriors feature the brand’s prestigious emblem, unique grille design, and a weighty yet sporty presence. Interiors follow suit with real wood trim, hand-stitched leather, sueded microfiber, and other finely wrought details.

Advanced technology.

One of Cadillac’s most exciting new technologies is its Super Cruise hands-free driving system. Utilizing advanced mapping, radar sensors, cameras, and GPS, Super Cruise makes everyday commutes and long road trips much more relaxing. Cadillac is rolling out this technology to 2021 models like the Escalade, CT4, and CT5 — but you won’t find anything like it on any of Lincoln’s vehicles.

Diverse lineup.

Cadillac and Lincoln both manufacture a range of crossovers and SUVs, but Cadillac simply offers more choice in its lineup. If you prefer a sedan, opt for the CT4 or CT5 — or for higher performance, the CT4-V and CT5-V. Cadillac also sells three crossovers (the XT4, XT5, and XT6) and, of course, the iconic Escalade full-size SUV.

To learn more about the superior craftsmanship, technology, and vehicle options offered by Cadillac, contact us at Crest Cadillac.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln

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