Cadillac ELR uses new welding for batteries

We here at Crest Cadillac try to inform our readers about any new technological advances when it comes to the Cadillac, the new 2014 ELR, or GM lines, and today makes no difference. Although, this one may get a bit more technical then our previous posts so stay with us! The Cadillac division of GM has begun promoting its new “ultrasonic” welding technique for the new ELR extended range plug in model. This new ultrasonic welding technique uses rapid motion to create heat from friction, which causes the electrode tabs on the car’s 16.5kWh lithium ion battery pack to come together. By using friction, this process has removed the need to get the parts to metal melting temperatures in order to work. Although this is explain is simplified, a lot, from the actual process but this is already common practice in some medical and aerospace fields.

The new 2014 ELR comes with a 435 pound battery which will bring a 35 mile electric only range to the table. Although the first production models have been hitting the tracks since May, we can’t expect to see any new Cadillac ELRs in our show room until early next year! Stay tuned, we’ll keep you up to date as new information comes out!

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