Cadillac Says Super Cruise Will Be Added to the XT4 in the Future.

XT4-Technology | Crest Cadillac

The All-New Cadillac XT4 coming soon.

There have been lots of exciting announcements from Cadillac recently, from introductions to brand new vehicles to the debut of ground-breaking technologies. It’s especially thrilling to watch these things come together, which is why everyone is holding their breath for the all-new Cadillac XT4 which will have the option of Super Cruise technology.

However, this all-new crossover from Cadillac, which will be available in fall 2018, won’t have this advanced self-driving tool right away. The semi-autonomous technology debuted in the 2018 Cadillac CT6 and can be used in certain conditions to steer and maintain speed on behalf of the driver. It’s a huge step towards autonomous driving and seems like a perfect fit for the modern intelligence of the Cadillac XT4.

Cost is the one thing that’s holding the upcoming Cadillac XT4 back from being equipped with Super Cruise. The system is highly advanced and thus made up of expensive components, like a Magnetic Ride Control suspension. To add it on to the Cadillac CT6, customers must spend $5,000 extra. For now, the brand hopes to showcase the Cadillac XT4 without this added technology. But according to a Cadillac spokesman, somewhere down the line, this new crossover model will be offered with Super Cruise.

Stop by Crest Cadillac for more information about this exciting addition to the brand’s impressive lineup.

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