Cadillac Sales Up 10% Worldwide

Cadillac Lineup

If you want to know why the road’s been looking a little more stylish this month, you can blame it on Cadillac.  Sales for Cadillac have increase exponentially, not just here in the States, but worldwide!

Over the course of September, Cadillac sales have gone up 10% to a total of 25,493 units (and just when you were wondering where all the tasteful car buyers have disappeared to). Cadillac’s biggest markets are the US, Canada, and Japan, and in these sales have increased 7.8%, 14.7%, and 34.6%, respectively. The SRX sold the most, contributing 9,552 units to Cadillac’s total.

On the year, Cadillac sales are up 3.2%, which is itself an impressive number and speaks to the brand’s sustained growth and improvements.  With these improvements, Cadillac has brought a whole new level of luxury to an already flourishing brand!

With Cadillac sales up 10% in one month, this is big. You may ask why, or what does it mean with Cadillac sales up 10%? Besides all the extra luxury out and about, it means that Cadillac as a brand is ready for something big, and we’re just as excited as you are to see what comes next.  Be sure to stop and see these latest for Cadillac here at Crest Cadillac!

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