Cadillac Rises Above the Crowd in Customer Satisfaction

When you purchase a car, or anything else for that matter, feeling satisfied with your purchase is a major part of the process. J. D. Power and Associates recently reported that Cadillac dealerships provide the best customer service from any luxury automotive brand.

The J.D. Power study measured how satisfied customers felt with service provided by dealerships for maintenance and repair work on vehicles one to five years old. Overall, the study found that the general satisfaction with dealership service is on the rise, which is a good sign for the auto industry.

Cadillac came in first with 872 points out of a possible 900 and was 17 points higher than the luxury industry average.

If quality customer service is an important part of your car shopping experiences, then come visit us at Crest Cadillac where we promise to keep you satisfied, whether you’re buying a new car, or you need repairs on your current Cadillac.

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