Cadillac Hints at New Halo Car for 2015

No, Cadillac isn’t making a reproduction Warthog, but they will be releasing a new brand of Cadillac in 2015, and it might be a classic-in-the-making for the brand.

With its possible nameplate being the LTS, far less stylish-sounding than its predecessors, this new high-end luxury Cadillac is only being hinted at so far. We know it will have rear-wheel drive. We know it will be a sedan. We know it’ll be produced in the fourth quarter of 2015 in Detroit. That’s about the sum of it. They’ve been hush-hush about the rest, likely keeping Caddy fans on edge until the dawn of its release.

But, to make a new flagship Cadillac (whose name will stick to Americans’ tongues), this brand new Cadillac halo car is going to have to knock some socks off. According to , Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen seems confident. He’s quoted as saying that this up-and-coming mystery Cadillac will “lift the Cadillac range by entering the elite class of top-level luxury cars.”

With a statement like that, we at Crest Cadillac believe there’s quite the prize to look forward to in 2015. Check back for info on this and more as 2015 approaches!

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