Cadillac CUE Design Inspired by Customer Input

If you’ve used the Cadillac CUE system, you know just how sleek, smooth, and user-friendly it is. And if you like it, well, you can thank Cadillac’s loyal customers. Designers and engineers worked for years to find the best way to create the system. According to Cadillac, they wanted to be sure it was the best user experience they could offer.

To achieve the current Cadillac CUE design, Cadillac sent its engineers and designers on ride-alongs with Cadillac customers to observe how they interacted with the car in real life. The backseat passengers observed how drivers used the radio, storage compartments, electronic devices, and more.

In their research, the teams gathered more than 2,500 Post-it notes of information. They then arranged these Post-it notes around the walls of a conference room and grouped together similar themes. Finally, the teams took all the data and started working on the Cadillac CUE design.

The final CUE design is highlighted by a calming Cadillac blue color. You might also notice silver, gold, and red, too. The designers used all the colors in the Cadillac badge to solidify the Cadillac theme of art and science.

Sounds like Cadillac’s CUE is a finely-crafted system. Visit your local Cadillac dealer to see the Cadillac CUE design for yourself.

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