Cadillac Brand Reaps Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements

Cadillac has been revamping the brand’s image to appeal to younger consumers by reinforcing the idea of Cadillac as a symbol of status. Recent pop songs and celebrity owners have helped re-establish the brand’s popularity.

New Zealand teenage pop star, Lorde, sings about “driving Cadillacs in our dreams” in her hit song “Royals”; while hip hop’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis offer a colorful rap where they relish in “rolling in that same whip that my granddad had” in their song “White Walls.”

Celebrities aren’t just singing about the brand. Singer Justin Bieber owns a customized Caddy; Jessica Simpson and David Beckham are just two celebrity owners of the prestigious Escalade.

“Cadillacs don’t go unnoticed,” said Brian Corbett, Cadillac communications manager for General Motors. “From movie stars to musicians to the well-to-do, it’s always nice when you receive props from the in crowd.”

These endorsements are more than just songs and photo ops. They translate into very real sales benefits.

Last month, Cadillac saw sales increases of 25 percent over November last year.

Do these celebrity endorsements make you want to own a Cadillac, or did you already have your eyes on a Caddy? Sound off in the comments below and let us at Crest Cadillac know what you think.

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