Cadillac Brand Philosophy Informed by Millennial Insider

Melody Lee is the new director of brand and reputation strategy for Cadillac. She must be good because she’s got a pretty big job and she’s only 33 years old. A “strategic hire,” Fortune magazine calls her.

She sings a beautiful song, so it’s good her parents bestowed her with such a musical name.  By song we mean Cadillac brand philosophy. As she puts it, “There is nothing that exciting about an ad with a car in it by itself. We need to start injecting more humanity into our brand and into our advertising.”

cadillac brand philosophy

Part of Melody’s job will be making Cadillac more popular with younger consumers.

Hiring a young, extremely creative, and talented woman to head the brand strategy is only one of the strategic plays Cadillac has made of late. It moved its headquarters from Motown to City That Never Sleeps. Fortune notes, the automaker is “pursuing creative partnerships with other brands to get drivers to see the cars in places other than at auto shows and in car dealerships.” For instance, it displayed Escalades in the store windows of Saks Fifth Avenue.

At Crest Cadillac, we feel it’s truly an exciting time for the Cadillac brand.

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