Brand’s President Discusses Cadillac’s Future Models

Cadillac’s future models

Cadillac’s future models

Johan de Nysschen, president of Cadillac, recently sat down with Car and Driver to reveal what’s on the horizon for the carmaker. His remarks may seem surprising but follows the trend of what’s becoming Cadillac’s M.O. of late. The company has more energy now that it ever has, which is being funneled into Cadillac’s future models.

Nysschen stated, “We will introduce an all-new diesel engine developed specifically for Cadillac by around 2019.” He explained why, clarifying that diesel is the most “cost-effective way” to reduce emissions. Furthermore, Cadillac plans to expand globally and diesel is the preferred type of powertrain in many foreign markets.

El Presidente also gave a timetable, albeit somewhat vague, for a Cadillac sports car that would compete with the Porsche 911. He said, “I can imagine that there’s such a car, but it’s in the long-term. Beyond 2020. Not 20 years, much closer than that.”

Those of us here at Crest Cadillac are looking forward to seeing Cadillac realize these and other exciting developments!

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