Three of the Best Cadillac Country Songs

Three of the Best Cadillac Country Songs | Brookfield, WI

For most of its existence, Cadillac has been the epitome of American luxury. So much so, that people use the Cadillac name something that is the best of the best. Because it is such a desired brand, it has found its way into quite a few songs. Here are three of the best Cadillac country songs.

One Piece at a Time

This 1976 Johnny Cash song describes the wishful thinking of a Cadillac assembly line worker who decides to smuggle out an entire Cadillac car in his lunchbox, “one piece at a time.” Unfortunately, the results aren’t what he imagined.

The Ride

David Allan Coe gave us this smash hit in 1983. It tells the story of a young musician hitchhiker who gets a ride in a Cadillac driven by the ghost of Hank Williams, who died an early death in the back of a Cadillac. Williams shares some career advice with the boy and warns him that “It’s a long, hard ride.”

Guitars, Cadillacs

In 1986, Dwight Yoakam crooned out this country classic that combines electric cars and some sweet fiddling. In the song, a young country singer finds his way to the big city only to encounter heartbreak. He sings, “My guitars, Cadillacs, hillbilly music/Is the only thing that keeps me hanging on.”

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