Knock Out Your Spring Car Cleaning while it’s still Chilly

Yes, spring cleaning is important for your car, too.  Spring is here, whether it feels like it or not, and many of you are probably itching to get outside for those warm picnics in the park, planting flowers in the garden, or maybe just a nice evening walk.  However, with the chill still in the air, now might be the best time to knock out a bit of spring cleaning for the house and your car!

Many cars experience a tremendous amount of wear-and-tear from the salt, cold, rain and snow.  We did some research and came up with a spring cleaning checklist for your car.

  • Battery: The cold winter weather is hard on your battery, starter and alternator.  If you experience dimming lights or slow power windows it’s a sure sign you will need a new one.
  • Brakes:  They can become corroded from the wet conditions and road salt.  Not to mention the toll they take on slick roads.
  • Tires:  Makes sure to check your tires for worn tread and low pressure.  It might even be a good time for a rotation, even if you don’t need new ones.
  • Belts and Hoses: If they are worn and cracked you need to get them replaced.
  • Coolants and Fluids:  During the winter months you can go through a lot of fluids faster, because your car is working harder; make sure these things are at their appropriate levels.
  • Air Conditioning: Make sure it is blowing maximum cold air; otherwise, you might be spending the summer with your windows rolled down!

If you are ready for your spring car cleaning, then make an appointment with our dealership, Crest Cadillac.  We offer a highly trained and certified service department with great service deals!

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