2018 Cadillac Lineup: Redefining the Auto Industry

2018 Cadillac lineup | Crest Cadillac | Brookfield, WI

Changes to come.

Cadillac has some exciting changes that are coming for the 2018 model year. For instance, there are new nameplates, including the XT3 and XT2. Although those names aren’t set in stone, we do know that there will be a compact crossover and sub-compact model for 2018. Crossovers are getting the most attention from the Cadillac brand, though there will also be some changes to luxury sedans. Don’t miss out on the latest 2018 Cadillac Lineup news!

According to Automotive News, one of the major changes for the 2018 model year is a redesigned ATS sedan, likely called the CT4, as well as a coupe and convertible version to follow. For 2017, the ATS was revamped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged standard engine, offering a combination of power and fuel economy.

Other changes to the upcoming model year include a redesigned CT5 sedan to replace the CTS eventually, as well as a compact crossover model called the XT3. The Cadillac XT5 will also be getting a refreshed look and additional 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

There are several rumors about the future of Cadillac, but little has been confirmed yet. From what we know, Cadillac is adding new driver assist technologies, concentrating on crossover SUV models, and refreshing many older models. To see the latest additions to the 2018 Cadillac lineup, visit Crest Cadillac.

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