2014 Cadillac ELR Continues Pushing Through Winter Testing

Cadillac has always taken the safety of its customers, their families, and the passengers in their vehicles very seriously. And this year, Cadillac has brought their 2014 Cadillac ELR to the northern part of the Upper Peninsula Michigan to test its driving capabilities under the harshest winter conditions. “You want to be able to steer where you want the car to go and you want it to respond, you want to be able to brake and have the car come down to a stop regardless of the surface…whether it is thick ice, snow packed, or a patch of dry pavement…” said Cadillac ELR Chief Engineer Chris Thomason

Winter testing is in no way something new to the Cadillac testing process, but Cadillac chose to test in the Upper Peninsula in order to test some of the new modifications made to the 2014 model including powertrain and underpinnings. Below you’ll find a video of Mr. Thomason and a few other Cadillac officials describing the testing and what they hope to achieve! If you’d be interested in learn more about the current 2013 ELR model feel free to Contact Us or stop in and see us at Crest Cadillac to test drive one!

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