Take a step back into the 20s with Al Capone’s 1928 Cadillac

We here at Crest Cadillac love to talk about our cars, especially the new models and newly designed concepts that have us rolling into the future! But every now and then it’s good to take a look back at where we came from, and the cars from the past that made Cadillac the manufacturer we are today! So today, we’re going to talk about a very special 1928 Cadillac which may have had a slightly questionable past. That’s right, the one and only, Al Capone’s bulletproof Cadillac.

This armor plated (nearly 3,000 pounds worth) 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan was bought new off the line by the notorious gangster Al Capone. This car in particular was also outfitted with inch thick glass windows rigged to drop quickly to allow passengers to discourage anyone from chasing them. Needless to say, these adjustments were all aftermarket! The V8 Town Sedan was a 341-A Series with a 341 cubic inch V8 with a three speed manual transmission.

This famous Cadillac has been passed down from owner to owner, museum to museum and has even debuted at an amusement park. But, late last year the 1928 caddy was auctioned off at the St. John’s sale in Michigan. The lucky buyer purchased the car for a mere $341,000, not too shabby for a piece of American history!

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