Station Cadillac Includes Home Charging with ELR

When purchasing a plug-in hybrid or electric car, having a charging station at home is essentially a necessity and the purchase and installation don’t fall on the cheap end of things. Cadillac is now offering a free Level 2 home-charging station with each new Cadillac ELR.

A Level 2 240-Volt charger cuts the charging time from 12 hours down to 4.5, which is great, especially if you’ll be making multiple car trips in a single day. Considering the average cost for a charging station is about $750 and then with taxes and installation costs, this offer has a probable value of more than $1,000.

“The ELR’s blend of leading technology with provocative design and fun-to-drive performance is set to bring new buyers to Cadillac and to electrification itself,”” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Professional installation of the fastest home-charging unit is a natural way to mark the introduction of ELR to the luxury market.”

This incentive is only available for a limited time and Cadillac hasn’t said how long it will last. If you’ve been considering the ELR, maybe this is the push you need to take the plunge.

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