Spring Cleaning Your Garage

March is finally here and that means spring is officially just around the corner. Here in Wisconsin we’ve have had a long, cold winter, and we can’t wait for spring to come. One thing we’re sure all of us will be doing once the warm weather comes to stay is spend more times outdoors. The warmer weather will also provide a great opportunity to take care of an oft-neglected spring cleaning task: cleaning your garage.

Here a few simple steps that will help you reclaim your parking space and find a place for everything. You want to make sure you have room for your new Cadillac!

  1. Schedule a day or two to tackle the job. And, make sure to check the weather to make sure it doesn’t rain all over your stuff.
  2. Get some help. Enlist your family and/or friends to help you.
  3. Categorize your stuff. As you move things out of the garage, place things in categories. Use labeled boxes to keep everything grouped together.
  4. Throw things away. Don’t be afraid to donate or throw things away if you don’t know what it is. If you have enough excess stuff you could even have a garage sale.
  5. Choose a layout. Once you see how much stuff you plan on putting back in your garage, choose a spot for everything.
  6. Install new storage (if needed). If you have run out of your current garage storage, considering adding more shelves or cabinets for additional space. Old kitchen cabinets from renovations are a great way to save money on storage (these will often be free).
  7. Plan for future cleaning/organizing. Add cleaning the garage to your list of household chores. We recommend at least twice a year (spring and fall).

Do you have any more spring cleaning tips for keeping your garage neat and tidy?

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