Pros and Cons of a Leather Interior.

Pros and Cons of a Leather Interior | Brookfield, WI

Leather upholstery is a symbol of status and presents the top level of comfort for many drivers. Just as there are upsides to leather, there are downsides as well. Knowledge is power which is why we here at Crest Cadillac want to present these pros and cons of a leather interior.

Pros of a Leather Interior.

  • Cleaning – Leather upholstery is much easier to clean than cloth. A leather seat, for example, won’t absorb liquid, making it much easier to clean up spills.
  • Appearance – New leather seats offer a more luxurious appearance when compared to standard fabric seats.
  • Style – Leather is often associated with a higher grade of vehicles. That’s why many luxury vehicle marques, like Cadillac, come with standard leather upholstery.

Cons of a Leather Interior.

  • Price – Leather upholstery tends to raise the price of a car that would normally come equipped with fabric seats.
  • Repair – If the leather is ripped, it will often cost quite a bit more to repair when compared with the repair costs of a standard fabric seat.
  • Condition – If you constantly have people in and out of the vehicle, it might be difficult to maintain the leather’s condition. While time will certainly play a role in how the leather upholstery ages, so will use.

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