Parking in the Shade can help save money while keeping you cool!

Everyone loves going on a nice drive during these warm summer months. For most of us, there’s nothing better than the wind in your hair and your favorite song blaring on the radio. The worst part of summer driving? Well we can all agree it’s getting in a hot, muggy car that has been sitting in the sun all day. Not to mention those crazy hot leather seats most of our Crest Cadillac vehicles have!  Fortunately, the easiest way to avoid this is simply by parking in the shade.  But it isn’t just for comfort’s sake… parking in the shade can actually save you some summertime cash.

Parking the shade can save you money multiple ways.  First, extreme heat can warp the materials and cause the seat fabric to fade, which will either cost you money to buy new parts or decrease the resale value of your car.

Second, when the car is cooler, you don’t need to run the air conditioner as high, saving you fuel and money.  Speaking of fuel, high heat causes a small amount of your gas to evaporate, and with gas prices as high as they are, no one can afford to waste any.

If there is no shady area to park, you might want to invest in a windshield sun shade.  Place this in your windshield to reflect the heat from the sun and prevent a scorched interior.

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