OnStar RemoteLink now Standard for most 2014 GM Vehicles

General Motors and OnStar have always had a close relationship and continue to work together to make sure than every General Motors’ vehicle is as safe as possible. OnStar has come standard on many GM vehicles throughout the years and will be on many more to come. To continue their work together, GM has announced they will be expanding the RemoteLink Mobile App for most 2014 models. These services will be free of charge for five years starting from the vehicle’s delivery date and available via paid subscription after that.

The new “RemoteLink Key Fob Services” will allow the consumers to perform all actions their key fob can do via their smart phone. These capabilities include locking and unlocking the doors, turning the car alarm on and off, as well as remote start (on vehicles equipped with a factory remote starter). Premium services will also be available and offer live adviser contact, turn by turn directions, and remote monitoring of the vehicle’s diagnostic systems. If you’d like to learn more about the OnStar features available in many of our amazing Cadillac vehicles, or would like more information on which Cadillacs will have the new system available, contact us at Crest Cadillac or feel free to visit OnStar’s website!

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