Millionth Cadillac Rolls Off Line at Lansing Grand River

There are a lot of things it would be nice to have a million of: dollars, Snickers bars, friends on Facebook…  But what about cars? The Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant now knows what it’s like to have a million of ‘em with the production of its millionth Cadillac. The landmark vehicle that gives Lansing Grand River a reason to celebrate is a redesigned 2014 CTS sedan, which is getting ready to go on sale in October.

“One million Michigan-made Cadillacs is a great milestone for Lansing and for luxury car-building in America,” said Bob Ferguson, senior vice president Global Cadillac. “Lansing Grand River is an essential ingredient of Cadillac’s growth. It is a benchmark for luxury car manufacturing in North America, which takes another step forward today with the launch of the new CTS.”

Since opening in late 2001, the Michigan-based plant has produced every CTS in existence. The Lansing Grand River (LGR) has also assembled the ATS sport sedan, CTS Coupe and Wagon, and the CTS-V high performance models. In fact, LGR has produced more Cadillacs than any other plant and employs a total of 1,541 employees, so it’s only fitting that the plant would be the one to manufacture the country’s millionth Cadillac.

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